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Camac Art Centre

An international creative meeting point for art, science and technology
a centre for interaction, investigation, and exploration


Nos Programmes:

Quatre programmes sont proposés.

Artists in residence

The artist in residence programme aims to bring together artists from all countries and all disciplines ( writing, painting, sculpture, architecture, design, multimedia and video art, new technologies, installation art, music, danse, etc.) for a concentrated period of one or two months.
This programme aims to support residents in their creative explorations, investigations and professional growth within an environment of communication and exchange.
Participants to these programmes are accepted by application on a yearly basis.

Student professional development

camac encourages art, art history, architecture and design students from both foreign and French Universities to work on collaborative projects stimulated by the resident artist and corresponding academic bodies. The project focus is on the interaction between different cultures and on the establishing of professional contacts for the students.


camac organises exhibitions in camac ‘s gallery but also in different places. This programme aims to promote the contemporary art in a rural area and help to discover emerging, local, national and international artists.

Pedagogical program

camac organise workshops mainly for school éducation but also for different public. All workshops are related to camac activities (exhibitions, residences).