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megan ehrhart


Megan Ehrhart is an animation. She is a caricature of herself. Breathing a distinctive life into the organic shell in which she currently resides, Megan consciously creates a vibrant personality and endless stages of emotion through the mechanics of live daily human animation. Utilizing both modern and traditional media, her internationally exhibited work embraces surreal imagery, searching for peace within the nightmare where beauty and humor exist in the grotesque and the extraordinary. Currently a Professor in the T.I.M.E. Digital Arts department at The Cleveland Institute of Art, Megan holds an MFA (film) and a BFA (Illustration).

We often idealize humanity as part of a greater, singular whole. Using very tactile natural resources, I explore the common desire to make lasting emotional connections, trading individual identity for the power and comfort of belonging to a larger community. Inspired by recent repetitive sequences while falling into semi-conscious dreams, this hauntingly expressionistic animation strives to project an all-consuming psychological meltdown at a very primal level. Taking advantage of the unreliable perception of time, the film provokes disillusionment caused by feelings of isolation and abandonment while questioning the audacity of the persistent, seemingly indestructible, “self”.