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Carlos Reyes, USA (2015)

For me CAMAC was wonderful. The river Seine, the isolated village provided just the right amount solitude necessary. My garden room was the perfect place to work. I was indeed inspired by the Seine and very productive. I wrote 28 poems during my stay. In addition to the poems I wrote. I have notes, both on paper and in my head, which will give me much to write about in the future. The green water of the Seine will stay in my memory for many years. Jean-Yves, Karine, and Laeticia, you were always forthcoming and available to help with any difficulty I encountered during my stay. Facilitating transportation especially  taking to and from the train station was very helpful. The meals were plentiful and delicious, always,  thanks to our chef-de-cuisine and colleague Catherine.

I have a lot of experience in artist colonies and residencies and  CAMAC compares most favorably with premier centers such as Yaddo in New York and the Fundación Valparaíso in Spain.  Just between us, CAMAC verges on being my favorite

Estamos agradecidas y complacidas de nuestra estancia en CAMAC.
Ha sido una enriquecedora experiencia de vida haber compartido contigo la residencia en ese espléndido lugar.
La curaduría que has hecho de la exposición organiza un discurso que explicita nuestra emoción a través de las diferentes miradas que se exhiben.
Nos gustó mucho.
Nuevamente, muchas gracias!

Gabriela Iturri Pérou (2014)

Muchas gracias por toda la ayuda y la colaboración, espero tener la suerte de visitar CAMAC pronto, el tiempo que estube allá fue realmente inolvidable.


Rae Goodwin, USA (2013)

« This time and space at CAMAC was truly life changing! Thank you for working so hard for all of us lovely crazy artists. »

Alicia G, Spain (2013)

« Thanks for all, I stayed in a great placed with very beautiful place, it was an amazing experience. »

Jay Critchley (2013)

« Would like to thank you for the splendid opportunity of CAMAC. You’ve created a professional yet casual space for artists to flourish. »

Patricia Miani, Argentina (2012)

« I feel very grateful for all you have given during the residency time and It has been a valuable experience for me professional and personally. The possibility to present the work produced to the local public at the end of the residency definitely enrich this unique experience. The cultural exchange that means being in Residency at Camac is remarkable. »

Valérie Mendoza, USA (2011)

« I really enjoyed my stay! I found the facilities beautiful and restful. It was wonderful being able to focus on my work for 24 hours a day without the distractions of usual life, and to work beside 8 other internationally recognized artists. A productive time, with many good memories! »

Amitesh Verma, Inde (2009)

« CAMAC is now part of my life and will always be till i die . I will try to get connected during my whole life through camac , i promise you for that because camac is so important to me. Camac and you all given me opportunity to learn and new and very important lesson in life and work . I met great friends here and very closest too…………… I am going from here with golden memories which i spent with you all and i am very emotional right now to say this that , as i am feeling like leaving my home and family. »

Rachel Park, Austalie (2011)

« It feels like a dream…my time at CAMAC! I’m writing to say thank you again! I truly enjoyed my time at CAMAC and have learned so much. You facilitated an excellent environment for artists! Thank you so much!! »

Jan Parker, Australie (2010)

« Je voulais te dire merci pour la grande occasion j’ai du avoir une résidence ici a CAMAC, il a été un moment exceptionnel pour moi. J’ai rencontré des gens formidables ici et être et inspires par de Marnay sur Seine. Il m’a permis d’être très productive avec mon travail. Je voulais tu remercie tous deux en particulier pour les dernieres semaines pour creer un tel repas delicieux pour nous quand nous n’avions pas de cuisiner. Tu a ete formidable et je vraiment l’apprecier. Il a ete longtemps pour moi rester ici et je m’en souviendrai toujours.

Chitra Ramanathan, USA (2010)

« Thank you making my stay a wonderful and fruitful experience at Camac. I am sure to cherish the memories of my stay and work at Marnay for the times to come, specially including your cooking all the delicious food! My family also want me to convey their regards to you. »

Imelda Daniels, Australie (2011)

« I have thought of you all often and remember Camac as the ‘magical place’……….  Thank you all once again for making my stay at Camac a very memorable time. »

Arina Melkozernova, Russie (2010)

« I want to thank you for the wonderful time I had in CAMAC!  The place is fantastic and you manage it perfectly. I had all the time I need to think about my ideas and figure out my career intentions. Even the computer’s facilities are a little bit outdated I found the way to adjust my expectations and focus on interactive elements for my project. I realized that visual programming is feasible! Thank you for your encouragement! I met wonderful artists and learned from their experience as well. My stay in CAMAC was very refreshing, I miss European culture a lot being in the West. It is a turning point for me, I see my artistic path clearly now.  My goal is to develop these interactive elements to the point of the show and send you a documentary of it. Maybe you would be interested to have it in your gallery. I see that you often have children as your audience in CAMAC. I want to adjust my idea to address this generation:)  Merci beaucoup! I will stay in touch. »

Mahnaz Badihian (2011)

« Thank you and your staff for giving me the opportunity to  stay in CAMAC for  4 weeks  and enjoy the beauty of this place..CAMAC has a very beautiful building, nice people ,plenty of fruits and food. It is a place to create art and literature right next to Seine river! The 4 weeks I have spend here in CAMAC I created more Art and Literature that I could create in one year, thanks to CAMAC. »

Jake Messing, USA (2010)

« Also, wanted to thank you again for everything! I had a blast (as usual)! »

Florence Jaboulin, France (2010)

« Me voici partie du camac depuis une semaine, cette résidence m’a apporté beaucoup, c’était une bonne opportunité pour moi de pouvoir avoir la totale disponibilité de créer et apprendre. »

Kim Jungjoo, Corée (2010)

« I was quickly impressed and enthralled with the natural beauty of Marnay’s landscape. I find it, intriguing patterns in fallen leaves,small rocks forming a bumpy  background form and spider webs and windows of lace curtain. Each section, leaning against the other as if a village of connected one is a delicate and perfect structure placed within a naturally occurring gap as in the corner of the window to be found anywhere. »

Matt Sheridan, USA (2010)

I hope to work with you again sometime in the near future.  CAMAC was a great experience; merci beaucoup! »

Josie Martin, New Zealand (2010)

« I am loving working here – They gave me the Prieure studio large, light and airy and has been perfect – my room is good and the food delicious, and staff helpful. »

Natasha Tiniacos (2010)

« Amé mi estadía en CAMAC, es una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido en mi vida (estar frente al Sena, la gatita invasora, la comida, los paseos, todo). »

Jui-Pin Chang, Taiwan (2010)

« Thank very much for your help. I had a great time in Camac for artist residency. I enjoy to work in your art centre very much. »

Ratka Lugumerski, Serbie (2010)

« Thanks for every think, it was really nice to be there and meet all these wonderful people. »

Risa Sato, Japan (2011)

« In last year. So I could recover from “the earthquake depression”. The experience of Camac was so brilliant for me. I had a really good time. (I prefer Marnay than noisy Paris). Also I’m proud of that my expo is successful with your help. Sincerely, I praying Camac will be bigger and bigger. »

Abby Goel, USA (2007)

« Thank you for my really wonderful stay at CAMAC. i enjoyed it enormously, a bit of  paradise in the modern jungle.I also think I worked very well there, few distractions, but not isolated. »

Elizabeth Clayton, USA

« Thanks for your mail. I definitely would like to come back to Camac, I really miss the place – it was a great experience! »